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GUITAR Best street performers in Santa Monica, California

I remember these guys when I was still living in Cali.

Also saw them  playing at a restaurant - 1

think in sunset bibd or Hollywood. Loved them.Missing California right now

Idon't know the song but the name of their group is called seis cuerdas.

They are usually on the santa moncia 3rd street promenade every

Satur day and Sunday playing for the cowd They are great!

These guys are good for sure, but they are not street performers. A real

street performer don't have the money to buy all that fancy equipmen.

They play for nickles and dimes to buy their next meal. These guys are just

looking to be seen. The speakers they are using are like 600 dollars each.

They could sell those pay rent for a couple of months.

If they're performing on the street. They'te street performerrs. It's simple as that.

just because they have fancy equipment, it doesn't mean they don't have to worry about where their next meal

comes from.


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