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How to write your personal statement 2
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Man:  The personal statement is not listing of everything you’ve already told us
 in the application. We already know that.

Woman:  The information that the university is seeking in the personal statement should add clarity richness and meaning to the information collected in other sections of your application and should enable you to make the best possible case for your admission to the university.

Girl:    I would just tell any high schooler out there to write about anything that makes you different, and don’t think that any little experience isn’t a big thing.

Boy:  ‘Focus on a strength’  is what I would say, like, I really like music, so, I didn’t like,  save the community people with music, you know, I didn’t do a huge volunteer thing, but, you know, it does relate.

Woman:    Think about everything you do once you leave the classroom at the end of the day.

Woman:    Just be honest. Remember, we, we don’t know you. So we don’t really know anything about you except for what we’ve seen on paper so far.

Girl:    Um. With my personal statement, I really just wrote from my heart and I was amazed.

Woman:    I tell students, this is the time, this is not bragging yourself; this is the time to really think about your accomplishments, and all the things that you have done, and really put that to the forefront.

Girl:    I talked about how my theater experience, um, influenced the person that I am today.

Man:    Students should really be thoughtful, clear, succinct, but provide depth if that’s all possible in five hundred words.

Girl:      I had family hardships going into my junior year of high school and my GPA dropped because of it so I explained the drop in my GPA and how I was working to come up, and um, how, how I learned from that experience that happened in my personal life.

Woman:    The application needs to be done well in advance. It’s pretty obvious to the people reading your personal statements, if you wrote it the night before.

Girl:    My biggest thing that I did was just keep writing and keep writing.

Guy:    You don’t need to put big words into it. It’s describing yourself. It’s not something that’s gonna be published in some fancy journal, so, have some fun with it.

Girl:    I went ahead and tweaked it, and made sure that I was correctly answering the question, and I sent it in.

Woman:    No student is admitted or denied based on the personal statement alone.

Girl:      It can be significant, but it really depends on what the student chooses to tell us.

Woman:      Make sure it’s your personal statement.


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