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Jefferson's Essay
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I am most concerned about the use of too much energy on our planet. We pollute and waste money on things that are dangerous for our planet. We can stop our planet from being harmed by creating programs and even being green yourself. We can recycle, use less cars and bike or walk, or use less electricity. This way we can save the Earth.

            Spreading the word about saving the Earth is a good way to start. We can hang posters around the community or send flyers to houses. Talking about pollution with a neighbor can get interesting and lead to a community anti-pollution meeting. Telling kids at school and telling them about how bad pollution is to our planet can spread and become a huge topic around school. At school, you can also tell another student to write a pollution article or you can even write one yourself.

            Recycling is a popular way to stop pollution in many places. Bringing up a friend to recycle at their home or recycling at your home, these are both awesome ways to start small. Recycling is good for bottled water bottles and many other types of bottles because their 100% recyclable! Recycling is also a good way to start earning money. Many packages are made of post-consumer waste, they can be recycled again. These are efficient and easy way to begin recycling anywhere.

            Cars emit a lot of pollution to our planet. Cleaning up your car and it won’t create as much pollution if it isn’t leaking oil or creating fumes. Taking a break and exercising around is a nice way to become healthy while saving our planet or you can use your car less when you’re going to somewhere nearby. These small examples will change our planet. If you help, a bunch of one people can create a big difference.

            All of these ways are useful and efficient ways to help our planet become healthy and a better environment for us to live in. I think saving the earth is extremely important for our future generations. Small changes can lead to big changes that will change the earth forever.


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