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Academic Background
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University of Southern California, 남가주대
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      Dr. Paul Kang obtained all of his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Southern California, which is one of the most prestigious private universities in the United States and a leader in several areas of education research, including college  preparation and  literacy  development.  At USC he studied under world experts in linguistics and the acquisition of English as a second language, among them Profs.
Stephen Krashen, William Rutherford, and  John Hawkins.

     Dr. Kang's doctoral dissertation focuses on the relationship between SAT achievement by Korean American high school students and their Korean
language use and voluntary reading in English.
Dr. Kang   obtained   a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from USC, Cum Laude with Academic Honors.  His Master of Science degree from USC is in Teaching English
as a Second Language (TESL). 

     In 2003 Dr. Kang completed his doctoral degree in Education with a major in
Heritage Language Development and Second Language Acquisition (영어교육) 
and a minor in Applied Linguistics.(언어학)


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